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What is so special about Sharon’s Sorbet?

Sharon’s Sorbet is the first super premium sorbet to be offered through traditional retail channels (supermarkets, delis, etc.) at an affordable price. The word “Gourmet” printed on every pint of Sharon’s has a very precise definition. It means: Our sorbet is made with only the finest natural and pure ingredients. If you can’t eat any of our ingredients in its raw form, it will not go into our sorbet.

The main ingredient in our sorbet is pure sun-ripened fruit. In fact we use more pure fruit than any other frozen dessert on the market. Others either fluff up their products with air or add lots of water. Beware of them!

Sharon’s Sorbet is one of the lowest sugar added desserts in the market today! Sharon’s is a perfect replacement for a serving of fruit for a low calorie diet plan. Some of the most popular diet plans gave Sharon’s less than ONE-POINT of the daily calorie allowance.

We are guilt-free naturally!

When customers buy a pint of Sharon’s they are getting a dessert second to none in terms of quality, purity and taste. And with 9 flavors:

Mixed Berry, Dutch Chocolate, Raspberry, Mango, Lemon, Strawberry, Passion Fruit, Coconut, Blueberry

There is sure to be a Sharon’s for every taste bud.

You can contact us here: http://sharons-sorbet.com/contact.html


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